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CDP Guide for Marketers

A MA Markarkeetter’s Guide ter’s Guide to CDPo CDPss And Why 2023 Is The Year to Invest in One

A MA Markarkeetter’s Guide ter’s Guide to CDPo CDPss And Why 2023 Is The Year to Invest in One Over the last decade, the responsibilities of the modern-day marketer have continued to expand. Marketers are now tasked with harnessing the full capabilities of the business to provide the best experience for the customer and drive growth. In a recent McKinsey survey, 83% of global CEOs said, "they look to marketing to be a major driver for most or all of the company’s growth agenda." But, marketers also face major challenges in today’s world: technology is rapidly evolving and can be hard to keep up with if your organization isn’t well-equipped to do so (as of 2022, there were nearly 10,000 available marketing technologies and solutions on the market). Along those same lines, new channels and ways of engagement are always emerging — shifting consumers’ attention and expectations, meaning marketers must be constantly pushing the envelope to find new ways to meet their customers where they are. Similarly, consumer expectations have evolved into a demand for transparency on how companies are using their data - and lawmakers are responding with increasing regulations, like GDPR, CCPA, and many others - ultimately leading to the deprecation of third-party cookies. However, with these challenges and responsibilities comes opportunity. Marketers must get smarter about how they capture customer data and how they use that data to drive the most impact. The need for a solution that pulls together and unifies data from across the organization, offers data governance management capabilities, and enables marketers to activate that data across their customer lifecycle to drive growth is more important now than ever. s x || 2 2

WhWhy do yy do you need a CDPou need a CDP?? Marketers are now tasked with making more strategic decisions using a variety of data points to improve their marketing outcomes to positively impact company growth. This includes collecting and analyzing data from various sources, such as customer interactions, marketing campaigns, social media engagement, and website traffic. How can marketers do this without access to the data, or if it is spread across multiple systems they may not have access to? They can’t. A recent survey of marketing leaders found that only 48% of CMOs feel like they have access to the data they need, while 64% report a lack of systems to connect data silos. A customer data platform - or CDP - is a solution that allows data to be pulled into a single, complete view of the customer. It’s important to note that many other common tools across a martech stack, like CRMs (customer relationship management), data lakes, or business intelligence systems do not provide the same benefits as a CDP. CRMs are focused on the ‘R’ - relationships - with customers. Yes, they house some customer data, but they cannot be used to execute on that data for marketing purposes effectively. Data lakes are just what their name implies - a big vat of data - with no easy way to organize or use that data. Business intelligence systems are mainly used for reporting data from an operational perspective. While some tools may offer similar capabilities, each were created with specific but different purposes. Marketers without access to a CDP typically cannot get customer data from other internal sources. Even if other groups have access to that data, gathering it is cumbersome and timely. That information could be walled off with sales or even IT. CDPs provide marketers with a more comprehensive and accurate view of their customers, which can help them create more targeted and personalized marketing campaigns. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, which can, in turn, lead to increased sales and revenue. Having accurate and meaningful data about your customers, understanding what data to collect, how to manage it properly, and knowing what to do with it, is a competitive advantage for any company. Think about all of the data you have on your customers. Where does that data reside right now, and what could you do with it if you had better access to it? | 3

CrCreaeatte bee betttter er Having a CDP can help you better identify where and how your customers want to interact with and purchase from you. Loyal eexperiences fxperiences for yor your our customers lead to a higher customer lifetime value (CLV). cuscusttomeromers.s. It can help marketers by providing a comprehensive view of their customers, including information about their demographics, behavior, and interests. By using this Marketers are often responsible for managing the overall information, marketers can create more targeted and customer experience, including ensuring that customers personalized marketing campaigns, such as personalized have a seamless and positive experience across all emails or personalized product recommendations. The more touchpoints. A CDP allows marketers to create personalized granular data can also assist marketers in developing lookalike customer experiences using data to create individualized personas to aid in more precise ad targeting. marketing messages and recommendations. For example, Creating a better user experience is particularly important now because consumers are often dealing with increased • a marketer could use a CDP to segment their audience cost pressures and decreased resources. They are being based on their interests and create targeted email more conscientious about what companies they are doing campaigns for each segment, or business with and where their limited dollars are going. • a marketer could find lookalike audiences by analyzing Creating better, more personalized user experiences with the customer data in their CDP, identifying patterns and current and potential customers can be the thing that will characteristics that are common among your most valuable make them spend more money with you instead customers, and use this information to create lookalike of a competitor. audiences on social media platforms or display networks, or • a marketer could use a CDP to create personalized product recommendations for customers to be used across multiple channels based on their purchase history and other BeBetttter daer datata = = relevant data. A CDP can also help you identify new customer segments bebetttter audience er audience == that you didn’t know existed. By examining the activity and data patterns, you may find a group of current or potential bebetttter Cer CXX customers with a need for which you had not planned. Identifying new segments will allow you to pivot and develop communication strategies to address them. | 4

KnoKnow yw your cusour custtomeromers s You likely have current or potential customers who interact with your content on multiple channels. They may read one of bebetttterer.. your emails, click on a Twitter link to one of your product pages, or make a purchase in-store. But do your internal data systems know that the same person performs both actions? And can they inform you of the next piece of information you need to To create those hyper-personalized experiences, you need to put in front of that customer based on pre-determined rules? understand the core of your customers. You need to know what their intentions are. Their online activity and offline interactions with your brand can give you deep insight into what motivates Does a CDP make sense for you? them. That can be difficult to do when you have to pull data from several different sources that may not be specific enough to provide actionable insights. If yIf your orour organizaganization collects dation collects data frta from 5 or morom 5 or more oe of f these sourthese sources, then a CDP is a good fit fces, then a CDP is a good fit for yor you.ou. Imagine seeing in a single platform how long a particular customer spent on your website, what exact pages they visited, In-store Advertising platforms what links they clicked on, and how many of your emails they Online/e-commerce Marketing automation opened. This data can be used to provide more customized In-app platforms content when that customer visits your website or receives an Website browsing Loyalty platforms email from you. It can be used when conducting paid targeting Survey Wearables/IoT across social or search campaigns. The days of showing the Customer service - Chat Legacy data same content to hundreds or thousands of customers Customer service - Call SMS are gone. Center Email Sales/CRM Mobile And this is the way consumers want it. Most people are willing POS Other to share information about themselves or let their activity be tracked if it will benefit them. This benefit can come from more relevant content or the feeling of being part of a community of like-minded people. As a marketer, being able to provide the relevant content that your customers crave is something you With a comprehensive view of customer data, marketers can should strive for. use a CDP to segment their audience and create more targeted marketing campaigns. | 5 | 5

A CDP can make your legal team happy by addressing their concerns around: • Data privacy: We all know that non-compliance with privacy regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation GeGet ahead ot ahead of daf data ta (GDPR) in the European Union and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the United States, can mean gogovvernance and ernance and significant fines and loss of trust with customers. A CDP can provide tools and features that allow businesses to manage rregulaegulations.tions. and protect customer data, such as the ability to delete or anonymize data upon request. • Data security: Companies must be hyper-vigilant in today’s ever-evolving technology landscape. Security breaches Using a CDP will help companies meet their legal obligations are bad for business and all too common. A CDP can help related to data privacy and security. It can also help companies businesses protect customer data from unauthorized establish and maintain good data governance practices. CDPs access or breaches. CDPs should have security measures are a vital part of a comprehensive data management strategy. in place, such as encryption and access controls, to help To ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, ensure the security of customer data. businesses should also take other steps, such as implementing • Data governance: Without good data governance policies in robust security measures and developing clear data privacy place, it can be difficult for anyone in the company to handle policies. A good CDP will have privacy measures built into where and how data is stored. A CDP can help businesses the platform. establish and enforce policies and procedures for managing and using customer data in a way that is compliant with relevant laws and regulations. This can include tools and features that help businesses track and audit their use of customer data, as well as tools for managing consent and permissions. | 6

DrivDrive ine intternal ernal SmooSmooth out inth out intternal ernal alignmenalignment.t. operoperaations.tions. A customer data platform (CDP) can help marketing You likely have several different platforms used to work with other internal teams by providing a centralized, communicate with your current and potential customers. comprehensive view of customer data. By using a CDP, Perhaps a social media management system, marketing marketers can better understand their customers’ needs automation platform, CRM, or others. Each platform may and preferences, which can help them create more targeted have an internal data component, but they are not built and personalized marketing campaigns. This in turn helps for data aggregation across the customer lifecycle. They sales and other teams by providing them with more qualified are built for relationship building or content execution and leads and a better understanding of the customers they are communication. You still need to collate the data from interacting with. those various platforms. This is where a CDP is vital. Marketing and sales teams need to be able to access and A CDP can automate many tasks related to data analyze customer data from various sources in a single management, such as data cleansing and deduplication, place, making it easier to understand customer needs freeing up time for marketers to focus on strategy and and preferences. creative campaigns. And it will help marketers focus on marketing, not chasing down data about customer It can also help all teams segment their audiences based on activities. This makes it easier to get campaigns executed various characteristics, such as demographics, behavior, more quickly and efficiently, thus producing better results. and interests. You need to be able to create more personalized customer experiences, such as personalized emails or product recommendations. Doing this using a CDP can improve the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts and help build customer loyalty. To complete the cycle of testing and adjusting your campaigns, a CDP can help marketing and sales teams track the performance of their campaigns and better understand customer behavior and preferences. This can help them identify areas for improvement and make more informed decisions about their strategies. s x || 7 7

IncrIncrease yease your CLour CLVV.. PrPreparepare fe for the futuror the future.e. Without a full view of your customers, their experience with Why is 2023 the year you need to invest in a CDP? Your you can be fragmented and can cause a poor user experience. business likely thinks about expanding to new markets or A CDP can help improve your customer lifetime value (CLV) by products in the near future. Why would you not think about providing you with a more comprehensive and accurate view of making the same investment in your customer data? your customers, which can help you create more targeted and Year after year, marketers are being asked to do more with personalized marketing campaigns. This can lead to improved less. You need to focus on how you can break down silos and customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, which can, in turn, make as much of your work as possible less time-consuming. increase your CLV. This helps you and, ultimately, helps the company increase its overall operational efficiency. A CDP can help you segment your audience based on various characteristics, such as demographics, behavior, and interests. The ability to see a 360° view of your customer with a CDP will This allows you to create more targeted marketing campaigns increase your ability to create more personalized offerings, that are tailored to specific segments of your audience, hence improve targeting and improve return on investment. And as improving the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. You will data governance increases in importance, having a tool like a create more personalized customer experiences using a CDP, CDP will help you be better prepared for any compliance issues such as personalized emails or product recommendations, and or data laws that you may need to react to. improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to increased CLV. Longer term, purchasing a CDP (vs building one) allows you to focus on actually using additional functionality instead of When it comes to analyzing the performance of your marketing trying to scale an internally-built platform. You only need to campaigns, a CDP will help you better understand your connect to one platform as new communication channels arise, customers’ behavior and preferences. In turn, this can help which can be difficult with a homegrown solution. With rising you identify areas for improvement and make more informed technology costs and full-suite solutions having been the decisions about your marketing strategies. When your norm, you will be better armed to negotiate stronger contracts, marketing is better suited to your different audiences, they will with the data in your CDP as leverage for more flexibility — or feel more loyal to your company and continue to do business even migrate off tools with redundant capabilities. with you. | 8

HHoow tw to choose the o choose the righright CDP ft CDP for yor you ou There are several different customer data platform vendors on the market right now, and more are being developed all the time. So, how do you know which one is right for your business? There are several factors to take into account. This can be a big investment for a business, and you want to ensure that you are thinking not just about the next year but also scaling your CDP as your business grows. Implementing any new technology, let alone one as robust as a CDP, requires a lot of thought, strategy, and preparation to be successful. | 9

HHoow much daw much data do yta do you ou WhaWhat do yt do you need it tou need it to o havhavee?? dodo?? The number of customer records you have is a factor to To determine which CDP is right for your business, you need consider when choosing a customer data platform. CDPs first to understand the purpose of a CDP. Going back to the can vary in their capabilities and pricing, and the size of your beginning of this ebook, we said that a CDP is: customer database may affect which CDP is most suitable for your needs. software that helps marketers centralize and manage customer data from various sources. It provides a Here are a few things to consider when evaluating CDPs based unified view of customer data, allowing marketers to on the size of your customer database: understand their target audience better and tailor their marketing efforts more effectively.” • Scalability: If you have a large customer database, you will likely need a CDP that can handle a large volume of data and With that in mind, think about how your company currently scale as your customer base grows. Look for a CDP that can processes customer data, what you want to change about how handle the size of your current customer database and has that data is processed, and what you want to use a CDP for. the capacity to grow with you. Below are some common uses. You may need all or just a few • Pricing: CDPs often charge based on the volume of data of these capabilities. they store and process. If you have a large customer database and data being connected from many different • Collect and store customer data: Being able to collect systems, you may need to pay more for a CDP that can and store customer data from various sources, such as handle your data volume. website interactions, email campaigns, and social media, • Features: CDPs can vary in their features and capabilities. is a core function of all CDPs. This data should be stored A large customer database means you may need a CDP in a centralized location, making it easier for marketers to with advanced features like real-time data processing and access and analyze. segmentation capabilities. • Segment customers: A CDP should allow marketers to segment their audience based on various characteristics, While the size of your customer database is one factor to such as demographics, behavior, and interests. This can consider when choosing a CDP, it is also important to consider help marketers create more targeted marketing campaigns other factors, such as your specific needs and budget. It may and personalize the customer experience. be helpful to assess your current and future data management needs and the features and capabilities offered by different (continued on next page) CDPs to determine the best fit for your business. | 10

• Personalize marketing efforts: As we discussed earlier, WhaWhat int inttegregraations artions are e customers want to have helpful, personalized experiences. If this is one of your needs, the CDP you choose should provide musmust-havt-haveses?? you with the tools and data needed to create personalized marketing campaigns, such as personalized emails and product recommendations. A CDP should be integrated with various other systems to • Automate marketing processes: Processes involved in help marketers centralize and manage customer data from managing customer data can be automated using a CDP, different sources. Some common systems that might be integrated with a CDP include: saving time and resources for marketers. It also supports more advanced, business-focused use cases such as • Marketing automation tools: Marketing automation tools, marketing attribution, churn prediction, and machine such as email marketing platforms and lead nurturing learning. software, can be integrated with a CDP to help marketers • Measure and analyze marketing performance: You can’t automate and optimize their marketing efforts. know if your marketing is producing successful results • CRM systems: Customer relationship management systems without being able to analyze customer data. A CDP will can be integrated with a CDP to help marketers manage help marketers track the performance of their marketing and analyze customer data, including information about campaigns and better understand their customer’s behavior sales and customer interactions. and preferences. This can help marketers make more • Advertising platforms: Advertising platforms, such as informed decisions about their marketing strategies. Google Ads and Facebook Ads, can be integrated with a CDP to help marketers track the performance of The right CDP should provide marketers with the tools and data their advertising campaigns and better understand the they need to create more targeted and personalized marketing effectiveness of their ads. • Social media platforms: Social media platforms, such as campaigns, automate marketing processes, and measure and Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, can be integrated with analyze the performance of their marketing efforts. a CDP to help marketers track and analyze customer interactions on social media. • E-commerce platforms: E-commerce platforms, such as Need some inspiration? Take our quiz. Shopify and Magento, can be integrated with a CDP to help marketers track customer purchases and behaviors on Which CDP UWhich CDP Use Case Should se Case Should their websites. YYou Start Withou Start With?? During the implementation of a CDP, it will be helpful to make a comprehensive list of all the places you currently store Take the quiz > customer data and how you want those systems to connect and transfer that customer data to your new CDP. s x || 11 11

WhaWhat det dettermines ROIermines ROI?? Cost savings As with any new software, cost significantly determines which •• RReduce teduce tech spendech spend — consolidate your tech stack and brand to purchase, let alone if it’s in the budget or if you can increase your leverage with vendors afford one. There are a few factors to consider when choosing •• RReeturn on ad spendturn on ad spend — Get more out of your advertising with how much you can afford for a CDP. better targeting •• Time-savingsTime-savings — Look for a decrease in time-to-deploy The first step is assessing your overall marketing technology campaigns and time spent pulling reports and lists and software budget. This will give you a sense of how much across teams you can afford to spend on a CDP. While a CDP may not replace any current software, it may allow you to decommission some functionality in other platforms, which could be cost-saving. Revenue As stated earlier, you need to consider your business needs and goals. What are you looking to achieve with a CDP? How will •• CCLVLV — Better targeting and a single view of the customer it help your business? Knowing your goals will help determine can help improve repeat purchase rates, average order how much you are willing to invest in a CDP. value, and loyalty program sign-ups •• InvInvenenttory opory optimizatimizationtion — Analyze shopping habits to have CDPs can vary in price, with some charging based on the the right products in the right places and predict demand volume of data they store and process and others charging •• PPartner engagemenartner engagement t — Monetize your customer data for a flat or subscription fee or even a per-person fee. It is your channel partners as a new revenue stream essential to understand the pricing model of the CDPs you are considering and how it aligns with your budget. You also want to plan for future expansions when considering the cost structure. Finally, consider a CDP’s value to your business. How will it help CX you achieve your goals and improve your marketing efforts? Is the cost justified by the value it will bring? •• Churn rChurn raatte e — Reduce your churn rate through providing a more personalized experience Determining how much you can afford for a CDP will depend •• CusCusttomer saomer satistisffaction action — Improve customer satisfaction by on your budget, business needs, the pricing model of the empowering your organization to operate from the same, CDPs you are considering, and the value they will bring to your single view of the customer — providing more personalized business. It may be helpful to do some research and compare support across the entire customer journey the features and pricing of different CDPs to determine which one is the best fit for your needs and budget. | 12

Which CDP is besWhich CDP is best ft for yor youou?? There are several CDPs currently available, and choosing the right one for your needs is essential. Knowing what features you need based on your current digital marketing ecosystem and internal processes is very important. Here is a high-level overview of some of the more advanced CDPs on the market. | 13

Which CDP is besWhich CDP is best ft for yor youou?? • In October 2020, Segment was purchased by global communications leader, Twilio, to help them build a world- class customer engagement platform. • Segment allows companies to break down silos between different functions by collecting user data from every interaction with their websites, mobile apps, digital ads, etc., and combining that data into a single view of their customer. • With Twilio Engage built on top of the Segment platform, it is the only CDP with omnichannel orchestration capabilities allowing for data activation. • With a focus on data compliance and cleansing, Segment helps you comply with various data privacy laws. • As Segment understands the need for content personalization, they enable marketers to meet customer needs by building on context from previous interactions. • Segment counts among its customers: IBM, Chime, Vacasa, Dominos, Levi’s, and Intuit. • Segment was named a category leader by G2 for Winter 2023. • Learn more about Segment at • Part of the overall Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce CDP allows users to collect data and act on that data in real-time. • Customer relationship management (CRM) is Salesforce’s key business. CDP is one of several other pieces of their full marketing ecosystem. • Because this CDP is part of a larger ecosystem, it can be difficult to decouple for specific use cases. • You can learn more about Salesforce CDP at platform. | 14

Which CDP is besWhich CDP is best ft for yor you ou ((concontinuedtinued))?? • Built for developers, Rudderstack is a data warehouse focused on collecting and housing data. • Rudderstack’s website indicates that “engineering is best suited to own the implementation and management of the CDP.” • They have different plans depending on your company’s level of data maturity. • Rudderstack customers include Crate & Barrel, Hinge, and Allbirds. • Learn more about Rudderstack at • mParticle claims to be the largest independent CDP platform. • This platform focuses on data collection and distribution to your various systems. • mParticle does not include consulting or integration services. • mParticle customers include Reverb, Venmo, JetBlue, and Overstock. • You can learn more about mParticle at • HighTouch syncs data from your data warehouse to your other tech systems. • This platform is aimed at developers. • HighTouch includes three products: Reverse ETL, Audiences, and Notify. • HighTouch customers include Flickr, AutoTrader, and Plaid. • You can learn more about HighTouch at | 15

YYou chose a CDPou chose a CDP. N. Noow whaw whatt?? | 16

GeGet set set up ft up for success.or success. responsibilities of users should be laid out and communicated very clearly at the beginning of this process. Having a great implementation is like buying insurance for The implementation process is also an opportunity to educate your purchase of a CDP. Your implementation can make or your users on how to use the CDP and ensure they can take break adoption by your teams. A well-planned and executed full advantage of its features and capabilities. A successful implementation process can help ensure that your CDP is set implementation can ensure that they successfully adopt and up correctly and can effectively collect and manage customer effectively use the CDP. data from the start. This can help you take full advantage of the benefits of a CDP and avoid any potential issues or setbacks. GeGet yt your daour data rta readyeady.. The first question you should ask yourself before kicking off the implementation is, “What do you want to accomplish during Implementing any software that is going to use your data this project?” How far do you want the process to take you means that you need to have the data in an organized way so toward the complete execution of the platform? Some vendors the ingestion of that data works smoothly. If you do not already will only offer minimal guidance during this period. You will want have a data governance strategy in place, here are some steps an implementation partner who understands all aspects of the to follow: process and has impeccable project management capabilities. They need to be able to guide you on who to include in the •• DeDefine yfine your goals and objectivour goals and objectiveses - what data do you need to process (more on this in the next section), how long it should keep, and how does it need to be organized? Are there any take, every step that needs to be included, and what success legal or compliance requirements for which your data needs looks like. to be prepared? •• EsEstablish datablish data rules ta rules - rules should govern each data type The process of standing up new software can take months if and identify what format they should be in, what systems there are many moving parts, systems to be connected, and they need to be stored in, and where they should not be data to be accounted for. You also need to go into the project stored. knowing when implementation ends and the maintain and •• CrCreaeatte a pre a process focess for monitor monitoring yoring your daour datata - who will ensure improve phase begins. You may only have the bandwidth (or the data is in the correct format and systems? budget) to implement a part of the software during the initial •• TrTrain emploain employyees on hoees on how tw to manage the dao manage the datata - everyone implementation and plan on adding additional functionality accessing or using the same data should know the rules for and features later. This should all be documented during managing that data, including where it goes and what format implementation. it needs to be in. They should also know what their specific responsibilities are with regard to data storage and usage. Having a new piece of technology could require adjusting •• RRepeaepeat yt yearlyearly - annual audits of the data governance internal processes. Any changes to the roles and processes should be conducted. | 17

Plan who does whaPlan who does what,t, HHavave a re a roadmap foadmap for or when.when. ongoing opongoing optimizatimization.tion. It may seem like a small thing, but the part of the implementation With such a large and important piece of software as a CDP, that can be the most difficult is including the right people. Here are you cannot just “set it and forget it.” You need to continually some tips to help you know who to include on your implementation monitor performance, usage, and adoption. Platforms with a team: good analytics suite will provide operational and functional metrics. Analyzing this data will help you identify issues and • Who would benefit the most from a CDP? You want each of make improvements as needed. your end-user and key stakeholder groups to be represented. That could include marketing, sales, IT, legal, or communications Having a partner with the expertise to provide technical teams. solutions, keep you apprised of upcoming enhancements, • Talk to each of them. If you are unsure who would best represent and help you implement those changes is crucial in evaluating each of those groups, it is a good idea to ask the team leader. any new functionality and how it will impact your usage of This connection not only brings them into the conversation and the platform. They can also help you gather and assess user assures their buy-in, but they may know of upcoming work or feedback. Even your “internal” customers want to feel special. personality traits that would make one person a better choice for Asking for their feedback will help with user adoption. your implementation team. • Get people excited. Your implementation team members are The most effective way to manage the ongoing usage and also your best advocates. Make them feel like they are a part adoption of any piece of software is to assign an administrator. of something special. Make sure they understand that their This is a person who is primarily responsible for the ongoing involvement is a developmental opportunity. health and well-being of the software. Ideally, this person • Communication is critical with your implementation team understands both the day-to-day usage and challenges as members and their leaders. Everyone needs to understand the well as the long-term goals and opportunities of the software. expectations and responsibilities of being on the team. A RACI plan is critical for implementation success. RACI stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed. You may also use another format to determine the different roles on the team. Whatever format you use, each team member must understand their role and the roles of all team members and stakeholders. You don’t want someone who is only an informed party to think they have responsibilities for any parts of the process. s x || 18 18

It’s time tIt’s time to geo get st starttarted.ed. Bottom line: Companies that include a full-featured CDP in their tech stack can improve customer retention and loyalty through personalized marketing communications. They can streamline their customer data so that all teams (marketing, sales, and IT) can utilize that data effectively. As a marketer, you can better understand your customers and improve their experience with you. Are you ready to start your CDP journey? • Determine your goals for a CDP • Identify data platform integrations • Obtain leadership buy-in • Start building your implementation team • Contact Stitch if you choose Twilio + Segment as the right CDP for you About StitAbout Stitchch Stitch is a marketing technology consultancy focused on helping marketers get the most out of their investments in best-in-breed platforms — including Braze and Segment — to drive customer engagement. We support marketers with offerings such as strategy, implementation, data as a service, campaign services, and custom solutions. Contact us to learn more. | 19